Why should you hire a Fractional Sales Leader instead of moving directly to a full-time Sales Manager or VP of Sales?

Because a Fractional Sales Leader can quickly identify the root of sales woes, devise a plan to improve sales, and get your organization ready for a permanent Sales Manager or VP of Sales.

The “right fit” is actually two different resources at two different times.

Bringing on an interim sales leader with an executive-level background can be your secret weapon to establishing strategic positioning, proven sales methodology, and the structure required to take your business to the next level.

Your business needs an established sales process and methodology to scale your sales team and results. By establishing this fundamental framework before adding a dedicated Sales Manager or VP of Sales, you shorten their ramp time and enable them to hit the ground running. This can save months of sub-par sales productivity, which can affect the entire sales team.

Is your business suffering from any of these common sales issues?

✔  There is no sales process in place.

✔  Revenues are primarily from existing customers rather than new ones.

✔  When hiring, you have trouble identifying why a candidate is (or isn’t) the right choice.

✔  Compensation plans are not motivating, not effective, or not affordable.

✔  Sales and Sales Leadership is not a strength, passion, or core competency of yours or your executives.

✔  You don’t have the time or desire to manage a sales team yourself.

Services a Fractional Sales Leader can provide for your business:

Serves as a sounding board to assess what the sales team requires to perform at a higher level.

Quickly identifies the root of sales woes and devises a plan to improve sales.

Evaluates the needs of the business and creates the infrastructure necessary for the sales team and future sales manager to be set up for success.

Enables executives to stay focused on their priorities and strengths while maximizing the organization’s revenues.


You don’t have a sales process.

Revenues are mostly from existing customers and your team is not acquiring enough new customers.

The right sales people are missing from your team.

You don’t know exactly who the right sales person is when hiring.

Compensation plans are not motivating enough or not affordable – i.e. not effective.

Sales is not your strength, or any your executives’ core competency.

You don’t have the time or desire to manage a sales team.

Sales Leadership is not your core competency.


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“Working with Dan Mahony and the Transcendent Sales team has been a game changer for our company. He was able to lay the infrastructure we needed to radically alter the course of our sales organization. He aided everything from developing personas and a sales playbook, building a sale forecasting tool, and getting us in HubSpot CRM and into the 21st century. All of these activities and efforts will allow our firm to recruit additional business development talent and take our sales organization to the next level. We suggest our valuation clients use Dan and we’d highly recommend you do too.”



“Dan worked with our company to identify processes and personnel that were just not getting results. He quickly assessed and implemented a plan of action that immediately changed our efficiency and capabilities. The outstanding consequences were of such great success that we’ve now exceeded every sales goal we’ve ever set. Thank you Dan for helping us! “



“Dan has worked with our company in training sales leaders, modifying sales processes, consolidating price books, the voice of customer interviews, and as a fractional VP of Sales. During his time with us, we saw great improvements in leadership, accountability, communication, and general processes. We implemented key tools for reviewing and improving rep behavior. Ultimately, Dan took the load off me and set our team up for success. I highly recommend Transcendent Sales Solutions to any leader looking for quick and positive results for their sales teams.”



“I had the privilege of working closely with Dan on evolving our sales strategy, and his expertise gave us the groundwork to begin upgrading our overall sales process. From the beginning, Dan demonstrated a quick understanding of our industry and a keen insight into our target market. What sets Dan apart is his ability to listen and tailor solutions to our specific needs. He took the time to analyze our existing processes thoroughly, identified areas for improvement, and laid out a roadmap for future success. We experienced a smoother series of internal handoffs, setting us up for more efficient sales processes.”


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